About The Shot

You may recognize a similar pattern to a four ball setup shot. In this shot though, all five balls go in and, if you do it right, they almost all fall simultaneously.

Discipline: Trick & Fancy

Difficulty: Beginner

Shot Compilations

Tim Chin Originals

Y Not

Make This Shot

To start the setup, place a ghost ball (the striped ball in the picture) on the spot and align the first two balls behind it. I use my cue stick, pointing to the point of the corner pocket, to make the alignment. (Figure 1)

I place the 3 ball directly behind the 2 ball, so they're aligned square with the table (parallel with the long rail, perpendicular to the short rail). (Figure 2)

The 4 ball is not frozen to the 3 ball. The gap is shown in the previous photo. The 3 and 4 balls are aligned toward the side pocket. With the gap, you can point is closer to the near point rather than allowing for throw. (Figure 3)

For the 5 ball, freeze it to the 3 ball so the tangent line between them is pointing about 1/4 diamond up the long rail from the corner pocket. The chalk cubes indicate where the diamond sights are (or should be). (Figure 4)

I place the cue ball on the headstring so my cue stick is over the short rail point of the corner pocket. I aim full on the fourth ball and hit it with a firm stop shot. Pay close attention if you miss anything so you know how to adjust.

Video: Y Not

Video: Y Not

Y Not

Figure 1

Y Not

Figure 2

Y Not

Figure 3

Y Not

Figure 4

Tim's Tidbit

Here's a setup shot that I developed after being inspired by my work for Radiant Pictures. There's a five ball cluster near the spot set up in a "Y" shape, hence the name.