Trick Shot Entertainer

Invite a fun and friendly face to your next event. Exciting for all ages!

  • Private Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Interactive Trick Shot Show

Billiards Consultant

Bring professional billiards, snooker, or pool expertise to your next project.

  • Commercials and Films
  • Shot Performer / Double
  • Technical Consulting

Player's Coach

Learn to do trick shots at a competitive level or just improve your game.

  • Private Lessons
  • Group Coaching
  • Video / Skype

Tim Chin is based in Las Vegas, NV but is available for travel around the globe
He will work closely with you to develop the right experience for you

Call (408) 915-8846 or email

Commercial Work

Kewpie Half Mayonnaise - Radiant Pictures (2008)


I took Tim up on his offer and am very happy I did. He spent a great deal of time and effort giving myself and a few friends the trick shot lesson. He made sure I understood and could perform the shots. He is a true gentleman and an expert at his craft. I am now going to spend the next few weeks perfecting what I learned. He has peaked my interest in this pool art form (my own phrase) His attitude and knowledge about this sport has renewed my interest. I will also look forward to following and cheering his trick shot career. -Jerry E., Sun City Anthem

I had the pleasure of having Tim come over to my house last week and give me some pointers. I've been following "artistic pool" for quite a while, and spend some time working on various "fun" shots from time to time. Tim showed me some very useful principles, like how to make the transition from doing things on my 9' table, to getting the shots to work on a 7' (which is what is used in competitions). We went over a variety of shots taken from Tom Rossman's "Artistic Cup" program. Tim has great knowledge of how and why certain shots may be easier than others - even if they have the same "difficulty" rating. Tim's very passionate about getting more people interested in these kinds of cue sports, and he's really willing to help! With the World Cup Trick Shot Championship coming up in July (at the Rio), Tim's kind of renewed my interest in this, to the point where I might even enter that one. I know that I'll fall short of being able to go very far, especially in a pro event -- I just don't have great skills in certain disciplines, like masse -- but, it would be a fun experience. I'm really glad that I took Tim up on his generous offer! And we're sure to keep in touch! Thanks again Tim! -Jim T.