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Tim "The Dragon" Chin

Based in Las Vegas, NV, Tim Chin has been a professional artistic pool player for 10+ solid years. Tim has embarked on a mission to grow the sport through teaching pool trick shots. He also holds a PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Top Finishes

2014 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship - Special Arts Champion

2011 World Cup of Trick Shots - Silver Medalist, Team USA

2011 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship - 3rd Place, Jump Champion

2010 Ultimate Trick Shot Tour Championships - 1st Place

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Tim Chin is based in Las Vegas, NV but is available for travel around the globe
He will work closely with you to develop the right experience for you

Trick Shot Entertainer

Invite a fun and friendly face to your next event. Exciting for all ages!

  • Private Parties
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Billiards Consultant

Bring professional billiards, snooker, or pool expertise to your next project.

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Learn to do trick shots at a competitive level or just improve your game.

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Welcome to the world's largest online collection of trick shot tutorials. Anyone can become a trick shot artist.

- Tim Chin -

Trick Shot Tutorials

Explore 100+ trick shot tutorials through diagrams, videos, and detailed instructions.
Find shots in all 8 disciplines: Trick/Fancy, Prop/Novelty, Draw, Follow, Bank/Kick, Stroke, Jump, Masse

Giumelli's Rendezvous

Giumelli's Rendezvous

The first object ball caroms into the corner off of the row of eleven balls to start a chain reaction kicking the last ball up table.

Ride the Bridge

Ride the Bridge

The cue ball splits the combo off the side rail, kicks off of three rails, and rides up the side of the bridge.

Straight Away Masse

Straight Away Masse

Seemingly impossible, the cue ball squeezes out from between the two balls, then masse's back to pocket the 3 ball in the corner pocket.

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