About The Shot

The 3 ball flashes to the side pocket as the 5 ball slowly rolls down the rail. The cue ball meanwhile kicks off the side cushion and pockets the 1 ball hanging in the corner, clearing the way for the 5 ball.

Discipline: Trick & Fancy

Difficulty: Intermediate

Shot Compilations

Tim Chin Originals

Two Step Twister

Make This Shot

Here's the setup for the initial three ball cluster. The cue ball and 5 ball are frozen to each other and frozen to the rail. The 3 ball is frozen to both the cue ball and 5 ball. It's important that these are all touching. (Figure 1) In the picture, the cue ball and 5 ball split the second diamond, but it's more important where the cue ball and 3 ball are aligned as seen in the next picture.

Here, you can see the cue ball and the 3 ball are aligned to the far point of the side pocket. This is important because the 3 ball will throw to the left since you're putting right english on the cue ball. (Figure 2)

I aim with quite a bit of elevation, but still comfortable using the pendulum stroke. I put maximum right english on the cue ball and aim towards the center of the 3 ball. Just stroke through it to juice it up good to get the spin you need to get to the corner pocket off the side rail. If the 5 ball gets there first, aim slightly more away from it. If the cue ball comes short, put more spin on it.

Video: Two Step Twister

Video: Two Step Twister

Two Step Twister

Figure 1

Two Step Twister

Figure 2

Tim's Tidbit

Here's yet another variation on Tim's Twister that I came up with.