About The Shot

The combination is lined up towards the end rail. The cue ball hits the first ball which squeezes by the second ball into the corner pocket. Meanwhile, the second ball takes off going four rail around the table and into the same pocket.

Discipline: Draw, Bank & Kick

Difficulty: Intermediate

The Glove\'s Squeeze

Make This Shot

In Figure 1, the first ball you see is set on the 1 x 1 diamond intersection. The other ball is frozen to it aligned around the opposite first diamond, marked by the piece of chalk in the distance.

This is the view from the cue ball (Figure 2). It's a little bit less than a full hit on the combination. Your cue stick should cross the table about 1 1/4 diamonds up from the corner pocket you're standing over.

The biggest secret to the shot is you have to load the cue ball up with lots of draw. This will help the first ball squeeze into the corner. If it hits the long rail, hit it fuller (move the cue ball right).

Video: The Glove's Squeeze

Video: The Glove's Squeeze

The Glove's Squeeze

Figure 1

The Glove's Squeeze

Figure 2

Tim's Tidbit

I picked up this quirky shot from Gene "The Glove" Catron. If you've ever seen the shot on the internet with thousands of dominos over 4 tables, that's him!