About The Shot

The cue ball hits the tray first, opening up a path between the tray and the side rail. The cue ball hits two rails, gets guided up the edge of the rack, goes off the side rail and the tray again, pocketing the hanging ball in the side pocket.

Discipline: Special Arts

Difficulty: Intermediate

Shot Compilations

Tim Chin Originals

Swinging Tray

Make This Shot

Here's the initial setup for the shot. To measure out the tray, I put the 3 ball with its edge even with the pocket cut on the centerline. I freeze the tray to it (where the 10 ball is), then move the 3 ball and rotate the tray into position. The cue ball's right edge is even with the 3rd diamond. Notice the position of the striped balls in the tray. This will act as the pivot point. (Figure 1)

I center the rack on the 1st diamond on the short rail. The edge should be pointing about to the 3rd diamond, where the cue ball is. (Figure 2)

I aim for the empty slot at the corner of the tray. A little right english helps the cue ball get around. The speed you need is just to open enough of a gap between the tray and the rail for the cue ball to squeeze back through. If you hit the rack before hitting the short rail, aim thicker into the tray. Bear in mind changing your aim point can also change how much the tray swings though.

Video: Swinging Tray

Video: Swinging Tray

Swinging Tray

Figure 1

Swinging Tray

Figure 2

Tim's Tidbit

I invented this shot for the 2009 Ultimate Trick Shot Championships. I wanted to invent a shot where the tray was used for more than just a stationary extra rail.