About The Shot

On this shot, I split the two balls on the spot, slide over into the cue knocking a ball in the side, and then drawing all the way back for the hanger in the corner. It's slightly more difficult than it sounds, but not by too much.

Discipline: Draw

Difficulty: Intermediate

Split Slide Draw

Make This Shot

This is the standard setup for splitting balls in the corner pockets (Figure 1). The 3 ball is on the spot and the 1 ball is frozen to it, so it's lined up towards the right half of the corner pocket. Hang the two other object balls deep in their pockets and make sure the cue stick is frozen to ball in the side pocket.

In the video, I have the cue ball pretty far to the left side of the table. It can be more difficult here since you have to hit it so hard the 1 ball throws a bit and could miss. It's more reliable with the cue ball on the right side of the table, about a half diamond off the rail. Aim just less than full on the 1 ball with lots of draw. Adjust your aim so you hit the cue stick when the cue ball draws back.

Video: Split Slide Draw

Video: Split Slide Draw

Split Slide Draw

Figure 1

Tim's Tidbit

I picked this shot off the internet somewhere, probably Pavel Poledno (ppooler) or Tommy Vancraybeek (tombuzz).