About The Shot

I freeze two cue balls together inside a rack and jump them at the same time with one stroke out of the rack, pocketing balls in the corner pockets.

Discipline: Jump

Difficulty: Intermediate

Shot Compilations

Luke Szywala

Split Jump

Make This Shot

Freeze two cue balls together in the center of the table, near the side pocket. I put a rack around the cue balls, but you can start with shorter obstacles such as shafts or chalk, about a 1/2 diamond away on each side. Hang the two object balls.

I aim straight down at 90 degrees, right in between the two cue balls. Hit it hard since you're not hitting much of either ball. You may have to adjust the hanging balls depending on the tendency of your stroke, but I like them closer to the short rail but still in the pocket.

Video: Split Jump

Video: Split Jump

Tim's Tidbit

I adapted this from one of Lukasz Szywala's shots at the 2007 World Cup of Trick Shots.