About The Shot

The cue ball hits the cluster by the side pocket, splitting one into the side and one up into the corner. The cue ball then jumps over the blocker balls, slides across the table, off the far rail and masse's back to get the hanging ball.

Discipline: Masse

Difficulty: Advanced

Shot Compilations

Tim Chin Originals

Sky Hook

Make This Shot

I freeze an object ball to the short rail, even with side pocket point. I freeze another object ball to it, hanging in the side pocket. A wall of object balls is about a half diamond away. (Figure 1)

The two frozen balls are pointing to the short rail point of the corner pocket as shown in the picture. This will allow for the throw. (Figure 2)

I place the cue ball so its edges are even with the point of the side pocket, as shown in the first picture. I aim for a half ball hit on the first object ball with a jump-masse at 6 or 6:30. Aiming too full will keep the cue ball from getting across the table or not bouncing far enough off the far rail. Aiming too thin won't let the masse take off the far rail.

Video: Sky Hook

Video: Sky Hook

Sky Hook

Figure 1

Sky Hook

Figure 2

Tim's Tidbit

I developed this shot to try to pocket a few more balls with a jump masse stroke.