About The Shot

The cue ball sinks the kiss/combo by the side pocket, dropping the top ball in front of the side pocket, then goes two rails and and is guided by the pool cue to pocket the dropped ball.

Discipline: Follow, Bank & Kick

Difficulty: Intermediate

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Trick Shot Magic

Side Stack Cue

Make This Shot

The setup starts with the stacking ball (you can see the divot on the top of the blue ball in this picture) near the side pocket. I put it a half ball width from the pocket cut. Align the 1 ball to the short rail point of the corner pocket to compensate for throw, and then balance another ball on top of the stacker.

The pool cue setup is not trivial since it will slide when the cue ball hits it. The amount it slides depends on where the cue ball contacts it and how fast it's going. I like to put the shaft across the center of the side pocket and point the butt at the 1 ball. In competition, the butt has to be at least 4 ball widths away.

I like to put the cue ball three ball widths from the rail, against the 3rd diamond. Aim for just less than a 1/2 ball hit on the stacking ball with a 1/2 tip top and a 1/2 tip left. Medium speed is all you really need. If the cue stick gets pushed too far, aim a little thicker or hit is a little slower. You can also adjust the initial starting point of the cue.

Video: Side Stack Cue

Video: Side Stack Cue

Side Stack Cue

Figure 1

Side Stack Cue

Figure 2

Side Stack Cue

Figure 3

Tim's Tidbit

Stefano "Mr. Trick Shots" Pelinga used this in a past Trick Shot Magic event. Gotta judge the roll of the cue stick on this one.