About The Shot

The 1 ball rockets into the side pocket, narrowly missing the 3 ball. The cue ball slices around the giant 8 ball, spins off two rails, then slides up the rack and pocketing the 3 ball in the same side pocket.

Discipline: Stroke

Difficulty: Advanced

Shot Compilations

Tim Chin Originals

Side Pocket Slice

Make This Shot

The 1 ball is on the long centerline of the table and 1 diamond from the side pocket. The cue ball is 2mm away from the 1 ball, aimed so their right edges are even with the side pocket point. (Figure 1)

Make sure the 3 ball is set up far enough to one side to allow the 1 ball to pass. Freeze the rack to the short rail so the edge that the cue ball will hit aligns into the 3 ball. In lieu of the prop 8 ball, you can place two blocker balls there with the first one 1 diamond from the side pocket.

I aim >1/2 ball on the 1 ball with maximum draw and 1 tip of right. The key to these fouette shots is keeping a loose wrist while generating a lot of speed as your cue goes through the cue ball. You can adjust your aim or the amount of draw depending on if the cue ball comes up too short or long on the short rail.

Video: Side Pocket Slice

Video: Side Pocket Slice

Side Pocket Slice

Figure 1

Tim's Tidbit

Here's another fouette (or whip draw) shot I invented.