About The Shot

Here, I jump two balls simultaneously out of a rack and into the corner pocket down the table with the help of another rack. I also do it twice, once right-handed and once left-handed!

Discipline: Jump

Difficulty: Advanced

Shot Compilations

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Siamese Jump

Make This Shot

No secrets to the setup here. Just place the balls next to each other inside the rack. Or start by jumping over smaller barriers first. You may find it easier with the balls frozen or with a small gap, so experiment a little. It gets harder when the balls start getting more than a ball width apart, but that's also when the real fun begins!

The hardest part is probably holding the cues. I cross them with the top one going outside. I've also seen it done just by holding the two cues side-by-side, but I couldn't get that to work for me. Try gripping at different points to see what balance works best for you.

To shoot the shot, steady both cues and get each tip in position. You'll only need to be back a few inches from the balls. Don't take a backswing; it will likely mess up your alignment. Lean in to it and stab the balls.

Video: Siamese Jump

Video: Siamese Jump

Tim's Tidbit

This is also called the Chopsticks Jump shot, but any way you call it, it's a one-handed double jump shot. Gordon "The Wolf" Hedges was the first to figure it out.