About The Shot

Each cue ball pockets an object ball and then draws back to scratch. I can almost get it up to a half table length now.

Discipline: Draw

Difficulty: Advanced

Shot Compilations

Tim Chin Originals

Siamese Draw

Make This Shot

The setup to this shot is pretty easy. Place the two racks frozen to the long rails. Start with the object balls one diamond from the pocket and the cue balls on the center line. Make sure the two object balls and two cue balls are equally spaced. The spacing should be comfortable for you when you bridge the two cues.

I usually end up aiming a little higher than I normally do because my stroke tends to dip the cue tip on this shot. Think of keeping your stroke smooth with a little bit of a wrist flick. I find it works better that way than thinking of trying to overpower the draw.

Video: Siamese Draw

Video: Siamese Draw

Tim's Tidbit

I invented this crazy little shot. If you think drawing one ball is hard enough, try two at the same time!