About The Shot

On this shot, I jump over a set of blocker balls and hit the long rail first. Then the cue ball hits the short rail and reverses to nip the hanging ball in the side pocket.

Discipline: Jump

Difficulty: Intermediate

Robin Dodson Jump

Make This Shot

The setup is easy. I like the cueball one ball widths away from the first diamond on the short rail. Place the blockers wherever you feel comfortable jumping over them; I like them just past the first diamond on the long rail. Set the hanging ball up on the far side of the side pocket so any tap by the cue ball will send it into the subway.

I aim around the first diamond from the far corner pocket, then put right english on the cue ball. I end up hitting the rail about the third diamond, as you can see. Adjusting your aim point should be all that's necessary to get this shot down. But it can be more impressive if you move the cue ball further from the long rail.

Video: Robin Dodson Jump

Video: Robin Dodson Jump

Tim's Tidbit

Robin Dodson showed me this shot at the 2006 Super Billiards Expo at her booth.