About The Shot

In this fouette shot, the 5 ball goes across the table into the corner while the cue ball whips back, avoiding the 8 ball, spins off of two rails, hits the rack and pockets the 1.

Discipline: Stroke

Difficulty: Advanced

Shot Compilations

Trick Shot Magic


Make This Shot

In the shot program, the 5 ball can be placed anywhere along the headstring between the rail and the 8 ball. I like to put it 1/2 ball width towards the long rail from the first diamond. In Figure 1, the striped ball is on the headstring, 1 diamond from the long rail. You can also see the spacing of the cue ball.

The cue ball is aligned towards the right side of the opposite corner pocket (Figure 2).

I pick an aim point on the opposite long rail, usually between 2 and 2-1/2 diamonds up from the corner pocket where the 5 ball goes in. Use almost max draw and a 1/2 tip of right english. It is possible to over-draw this shot, so be careful with that.

Video: Ribbon

Video: Ribbon


Figure 1


Figure 2

Tim's Tidbit

This was played by Nick "Quick Nick" Nikolaidis and Jamey "Sharpshooter" Gray in ESPN Trick Shot Magic 2010.