About The Shot

Here's a jump stroke shot. The cue ball hits the long rail, jumps over the wall of balls, banks off of the short rail, then reverses to get the hanger in the side pocket.

Discipline: Bank & Kick, Jump

Difficulty: Beginner

Rail Jump Reverse

Make This Shot

Place the hanging object ball on the far side of the side pocket. Try to hide it a bit behind the point so that if the cue ball contacts it at all, it will fall. A 2 x 3 wall of balls is lined up near the first diamond. The cue ball can be placed anywhere, but I put it one ball widths from the long rail so its center is in line with the long rail point of the corner pocket.

Since the cue ball hits the rail first, then jumps over the wall, not much elevation or power is needed. I think 30 degrees is plenty of elevation. I aim at the nose of the long rail cushion in line with the first diamond and apply lots of right english. Stroke it well so the spin still takes off the far short rail.

Video: Rail Jump Reverse

Video: Rail Jump Reverse

Tim's Tidbit

I adapted this from an artistic billiard shot I saw from Martin van Rhee.