About The Shot

The cue ball is pinched between the rail and an object ball. Shooting into the rail with some draw and right english, I compress the rail and curve around the obstructing balls making the hanging ball in the corner pocket.

Discipline: Draw

Difficulty: Beginner

Rail Draw Arc

Make This Shot

Freeze the cue ball between the cushion and the object ball at the second diamond. In competition, there is only one object ball to curve around. In my video, it's the 4 ball, placed 1 1/2 diamonds out from the side pocket and 1/2 a diamond down from the side pocket. I place the other balls to give a better visual effect of the arcing path the cue ball takes.

This shot is a touchy mixture of spin and speed. First, find your aim point so you can get around the apex of the arc (the 4 ball). I use max draw with a tip of right english, so 5 o'clock to 5:30. After that, it's all about the stroke and how much spin versus speed you apply to the cue ball.

Video: Rail Draw Arc

Video: Rail Draw Arc

Tim's Tidbit

This is a neat little draw shot that ends up tracing an arcing path, almost like a masse shot.