About The Shot

I form a diamond of four balls and balance the cue ball on top of it. Using a masse stroke, I split the diamond so one ball goes into each of the nearest four pockets.

Discipline: Masse

Difficulty: Advanced

Shot Compilations

Luke Szywala

Pyramid Blast Masse

Make This Shot

The first part of aligning this shot is to put the back three balls in a frozen triangle so that the tangent line between what will be the two middle balls (the two and the three balls, in the picture), points straight at the corner pocket and the back ball (the four ball) points at the side pocket. (Figure 1)

Move the triangle around so the centers of the four and two balls point towards 1-1/2 diamonds from the side pocket. In the picture, the chalk cubes are on the diamond sights. (Figure 2)

This should also align the other two balls so they point to 1-1/2 diamonds from the corner pocket. Again, the chalk cubes are on the diamond sights. (Figure 3) You have to tap all three of these balls in pretty good in order to get them to stay when the cue ball is placed on top of them.

Place the front ball to the front of the diamond and tap it in as well. Make sure all four balls are frozen.

Carefully place the cue ball on top of the back of the diamond. It might help to hold the diamond together while you place it. Aim straight down the long axis of the diamond with a bit of masse. If you put any left or right spin on it, something's going to miss.

Video: Pyramid Blast Masse

Video: Pyramid Blast Masse

Pyramid Blast Masse

Figure 1

Pyramid Blast Masse

Figure 2

Pyramid Blast Masse

Figure 3

Tim's Tidbit

I adapted this shot from one of Lukasz Szywala's shots.