About The Shot

The cue ball is trapped inside a cell of balls and racks, but it's jumped straight over the walls and pockets the 1 ball in the opposite side pocket.

Discipline: Jump

Difficulty: Advanced

Shot Compilations

UTS Pros

Prison Break

Make This Shot

You'll need an ultralight jump cue for this shot, whether it's a Chilton Flying Eagle, Dr. Popper, Jester, Skip Stick, something less than 6 oz and even down to 4 oz is preferable. It's almost like a masse shot, but you need lots of speed. Think of throwing the cue at the cue ball. Hit it at straight 6 o'clock with ~80 degrees of elevation. If you hit off to the side, the cue ball could make a turn after it lands. You can still catch the cue ball pretty thick; no need to be right at the edge, but letting go of the cue helps it bounce out of the way so you don't trap the ball. Start small and work your way up. Maybe throw a third rack underneath if you're really feeling lucky.

Video: Prison Break

Video: Prison Break

Tim's Tidbit

This is one of Jamey 'Sharpshooter' Gray's signature shots.