About The Shot

In this shot, I masse the cue ball around the rack which sends the object ball up the rail. As the cue ball comes back, it catches the object ball and sinks it in the side.

Discipline: Special Arts, Masse

Difficulty: Advanced

Poolhall Junkie\'s Timing Masse

Make This Shot

I start the setup with the rack first, placing the back edge parallel to the long rail about 1 1/2 ball widths out and the left corner near the point of the side pocket so it won't block the cue ball. I freeze the cue ball and the object ball to the rail with the edge of the object ball lined up with the corner of the rack.

I aim at the top of the rack hitting about 6:30 with 80-85 degrees of elevation. It will take some practice so you can hit the masse hard enough to get around the rack and also get the object ball next to the side pocket.

Video: Poolhall Junkie's Timing Masse

Video: Poolhall Junkie's Timing Masse

Tim's Tidbit

This is an extreme version of the timing trick shot that Christopher Walken and Mars Callahan shot in Poolhall Junkies.