About The Shot

I jump over a row of balls and kick off the opposite rail, catching the object ball as it rolls in front of the side pocket. In this shot, there's only a one ball gap between the cue ball and the wall of balls, making it more difficult.

Discipline: Special Arts, Bank & Kick, Jump

Difficulty: Intermediate

Poolhall Junkie\'s Timing Jump

Make This Shot

I freeze the cue ball with the object ball, in this case the 3 ball, so they split the first diamond from the side pocket (Figure 1). I like a challenge so I lined up the row of blocking balls pretty close (about one balls width away). You can move it further back if you're not comfortable with this distance.

This is another shot that will tell you if you're putting unintentional spin on the ball when you jump. I definitely have some issues with it. Otherwise, I aim across at the other side pocket, just past the near point. Figure this out first so the object ball will roll up and stop in front of the side pocket. Then work on speed and spin to get the cue ball to come back where it needs to.

Video: Poolhall Junkie's Timing Jump

Video: Poolhall Junkie's Timing Jump

Poolhall Junkie's Timing Jump

Figure 1

Tim's Tidbit

This is an advanced version of the shot Christopher Walken and Mars Callahan made in Poolhall Junkies.