About The Shot

The cue ball pinballs around the table making an object ball in each pocket with the help of some racks and prop cues.

Discipline: Trick & Fancy, Bank & Kick

Difficulty: Beginner

Shot Compilations

Trick Shot Magic

Pinball Wizard

Make This Shot

The first object ball is centered in the pocket with the front edge even with the pocket cut. The cue ball is frozen to it so that they're aligned toward the third diamond on the far rail (see the chalk in Figure 1).

The rest of the setup is pretty easy, so I didn't take too many more pictures. The first rack is frozen to the rail with a ball frozen to it. The butt of the long cue stick is also frozen to the long rail while the tip points to the middle of the next rack. That rack is lined up so the back edge aligns with the middle diamond on the short rail. The last rack is pretty adjustable, but just make sure the cue ball will come off the long rail before riding up the short cue. I use my Crown Cues masse cue for it.

I aim at the top point of the first rack. Since the tangent line is farther out, this should make the cue ball hit the side of the rack. That's all you really need. You just have to be careful because there can be a tendency for the cue ball to jump over the cue stick if you hit it too hard. I'll sometimes use a little left english to help with this.

Video: Pinball Wizard

Video: Pinball Wizard

Pinball Wizard

Figure 1

Tim's Tidbit

This shot was invented Andy "Magic Man" Segal.