About The Shot

On this shot, I shoot the first object ball out of the way, the cue ball follows into the cushion, bounces around the blocker ball, and follows back down table to pocket the hanger.

Discipline: Stroke

Difficulty: Intermediate

Shot Compilations

Mike Massey

Pelinga\'s Response

Make This Shot

The first object ball is one ball widths from the long rail on the second diamond. The cue ball is about one-eighth to one-quarter of an inch away, lined up with 2-1/4 diamonds on the short rail. The second object ball is frozen to the rail on the third diamond and don't forget to place the ball you have to pocket. (Figure 1)

Here is a better view of the gap between the cue ball and object ball. The closer it is, the more elevation you need when you stroke it. In any case, stroke over the top of the cue ball with as much follow as you can put on it. A half tip of left english helps too. If you listen on the video, it sounds like I miscue. That's how much follow you need. (Figure 2)

Video: Pelinga's Response

Video: Pelinga's Response

Pelinga's Response

Figure 1

Pelinga's Response

Figure 2

Tim's Tidbit

So if it's not a shot I saw Pelinga do first, it's one that was invented by Mike Massey that ended up being named after him. Massey invented this shot for the ESPN Trick Shot Magic 2000.