About The Shot

The cue ball kicks off the long rail, splitting the 5 in the side and the 1 down the rail into the corner. After caroming off the 5, the cue ball goes an additional three rails and pockets the 3 ball hanging in the corner pocket.

Discipline: Bank & Kick

Difficulty: Advanced

Shot Compilations

Stefano Pelinga

Pelinga\'s Kicker

Make This Shot

Start by placing the 5 ball one ball width off the rail and three ball widths from the point of the side pocket. (Figure 1) I've gone as far back as four ball widths too, so there's some leeway here if you need to make adjustments later.

Place the 1 ball so the left edges are even with the long rail point of the corner pocket. This will account for the throw. As for the rack with the 3 ball, align one edge parallel with the long rail since there is a tendency to come up short. (Figure 2)

I now like to place the cue ball 2-1/2 diamonds from the short rail, but in the video I was right by the head spot. Finding an aim point is difficult because you have nothing to aim at. Sometimes, I'll put a piece of chalk on the rail and aim at that, but I've gotten better to where I can aim so the cue ball will clear the 5 ball initially by about 1/4 ball. Center ball hit is fine, the cue ball will pick up some running english after the initial hit and it keeps things less complicated this way.

Video: Pelinga's Kicker

Video: Pelinga's Kicker

Pelinga's Kicker

Figure 1

Pelinga's Kicker

Figure 2

Tim's Tidbit

This is one of Stefano Pelinga's crafty inventions. It might not look to fancy, but it'll give you fits if you try it.