About The Shot

This is an extreme jump-draw shot. I pocket one ball across the table into the side pocket while the cue ball jumps over a bridge and draws around the rack to pocket a hanging ball in the corner.

Discipline: Special Arts

Difficulty: Advanced

Shot Compilations

Stefano Pelinga

Pelinga\'s Jump Hook

Make This Shot

I put the first object ball (the 1 ball) so its leading edge is even with the first diamond away from the long rail (this is a competition requirement) and so it's left edge is even with the point of the side pocket. The cue ball is about 1 3/4 balls width back and another 1/4 - 1/3 balls width over to the right. (Figure 1)

The rack is four ball widths off the long rail at the second diamond. The bridge is about a half diamond away from the side pocket. (Figure 2) I aim for about a 3/4 ball hit on the object ball with 20-25 degrees of elevation. You can make it with pure draw or put a touch of right on it. Stroke it good and hard so it jumps and gets enough juice to spin back. It's ok to hit the bridge, but don't hit the rack.

Video: Pelinga's Jump Hook

Video: Pelinga's Jump Hook

Pelinga's Jump Hook

Figure 1

Pelinga's Jump Hook

Figure 2

Tim's Tidbit

This shot was invented by Stefano Pelinga.