About The Shot

I split the three ball cluster, the cue ball jumps over the bridge, and draws back under the bridge over half the table length to get the final ball hanging in the corner.

Discipline: Stroke

Difficulty: Intermediate

Over and Under Extreme

Make This Shot

Here's the setup of the cluster and the cue ball (Figure 1). The front edge of the 1 and 3 balls are lined up with the point of the side pocket. The cue ball is about a 1/2 balls width off the rail and about 2 balls width back from the cluster. I place the bridge across the table so it's about even with the front edge of the 1 ball.

Since you hit this shot so hard, the 4 ball doesn't throw much at all, so you can align the 1-4 combination directly into the corner pocket (Figure 2).

This just takes your fundamental jump-draw stroke. Aim full into the 1 ball, maybe 20 degrees of elevation and 6 o'clock, maybe 6:30. You have to stroke it pretty hard to get enough draw for the cue ball to come back half a table length after jumping over the bridge. If you don't clear the bridge, use either more elevation or move the cue ball back. If you're jumping too high and not getting the draw, do the opposite. If you get it over and under, but don't have enough draw, hit it a little harder.

Video: Over and Under Extreme

Video: Over and Under Extreme

Over and Under Extreme

Figure 1

Over and Under Extreme

Figure 2

Tim's Tidbit

I combined two classic shots to come up with this. It's really an extension to the Over and Under shot, but I add in the four ball draw back.