About The Shot

The cue ball starts in a standard rack of balls as the second ball in the last row. The trick is masse-ing it out of the rack without hitting the end ball with your cue stick and getting the cue ball all the way down table to pocket the hanger.

Discipline: Masse

Difficulty: Advanced

Shot Compilations

Luke Szywala

Out of the Rack Masse

Make This Shot

Rack the balls in a standard rack, but put the cue ball in the second position in the last row. Then freeze the bottom row to the side rail, lining up the center ball with the second diamond. The extra ball that's not in the rack hangs in the far corner pocket. (Figure 1) To make this shot easier, you can practice it along the short rail or move the racked balls closer to the hanging ball.

I use pretty much a 90 degree vertical masse, hitting the cue ball at 3 o'clock (taking 6 o'clock as the point where it's frozen to the rail). I hit the cue ball as far out as I can without having my cue run in to the last object ball in the row. You should hear and feel it if it does. Also, if it's running away from the rail too much, try hitting at 3:30 instead.

Video: Out of the Rack Masse

Video: Out of the Rack Masse

Out of the Rack Masse

Figure 1

Tim's Tidbit

I think I first saw Sebastian Giumelli attempt this on ESPN Trick Shot Magic 2001, but Bogdan Wolkowski does it best threading the cue ball between the rail and a bottle that he emphatically puts one ball width off the rail.