About The Shot

In the tournament version, there are only two blocker balls, but I moved it up to three. The cue ball starts the chain reaction and all of the blocker balls clear out of the way. The cue ball follows up the rail to pocket the last ball in the corner.

Discipline: Follow

Difficulty: Beginner

Out of My Way

Make This Shot

The setup of this shot is pretty simple. The three blocker balls are frozen to the rail at the half diamond points. The object ball closest to the corner pocket is also at the half diamond mark, but not necessarily frozen. I like putting it about 1/8th inch off the rail.

I like to start with the cue ball one ball width off the rail, just behind the 2nd diamond. I aim just slightly left of full on the first object ball with straight follow. Then it's all about keeping the stroke straight and getting enough follow on the cue ball. If the cue ball bounces out, I move the cue ball slightly closer to the rail.

Video: Out of My Way

Video: Out of My Way

Tim's Tidbit

This is an expanded version of a tournament shot where there's usually only 2 blocker balls.