About The Shot

The object ball is frozen to the rail, a bit more than a half diamond from the corner pocket. The cue ball double kisses, moving the object ball towards the corner while the cue ball banks of the far rail to kick in the object ball.

Discipline: Bank & Kick

Difficulty: Intermediate

One Pocket Reposition

Make This Shot

Freeze the object ball to the long rail about a half diamond away from the corner pocket. Place the cue ball in line with it, but one diamond off of the long rail.

I aim for a full ball hit with right english and a bit of draw. The exact amounts of each will depend on the condition of the balls and the table. The more right english, the more the object ball will reposition itself. You don't need to stroke it too hard, just enough to get the cue ball to bank and get back across the table is fine.

Video: One Pocket Reposition

Video: One Pocket Reposition