About The Shot

The concept is simple: simultaneously jump 3 balls over the shaft and in to the side pocket, one-handed. Is it harder than it looks? That depends how hard you think it looks!

Discipline: Jump

Difficulty: Advanced

Shot Compilations

UTS Pros

One Handed Triple Jump

Make This Shot

Place the 3 balls pretty close together. Some guys freeze them, others leave a small gap. It'll really depend on the spacing your comfortable with when holding the cues.

The 3 jump cues are essentially stacked on top of each other. I like it so the bottom one hits the middle ball, the middle cue hits the 'inside' ball, and the top cue hits the 'outside' ball. Other players fan the cues out so the bottom one hits the 'inside' ball and the top one hits the 'outside' ball. I feel you have to grip it harder this way, but it's up to you. Line all 3 of the tips up right in front of the balls, pull back just a little, and strike with a quick jab.

Video: One Handed Triple Jump

Video: One Handed Triple Jump

Tim's Tidbit

This shot is an extension of the Siamese Jump, just with 3 cues instead of 2. Bruce "The Big Guy" Barthelette was the first to pull it out at a tournament.