About The Shot

This is an advanced version of the Split Jump, just doing it one-handed instead! Drive the cue between the cue balls really hard, jumping each one out of the rack and pocketing the balls in the corners.

Discipline: Special Arts, Jump

Difficulty: Advanced

One Handed Split Jump

Make This Shot

Freeze a rack to the rail, centered by the side pocket. Freeze two balls inside the rack, aligned straight up and down the long rail.

Use a wide tip jump cue and come down straight between the balls. Allow it to hang so you know it's pointed straight down and then snap it at the contact point. You may have to aim a little off if you find yourself missing to one side or the other.

Video: One Handed Split Jump

Video: One Handed Split Jump

Tim's Tidbit

When Nick "Quick Nick" Nikolaidis did this on Trick Shot Magic, he stood on top of a phone book for a better view!