About The Shot

Here's a one-handed masse shot where I pocket the first object ball in the near corner and the cue ball runs up the rail to pocket the other object ball.

Discipline: Special Arts, Masse

Difficulty: Advanced

One Handed Rocket Masse

Make This Shot

Place the first object ball with its leading edge in line with the point of the corner pocket. The cue ball is one half ball widths away. They are both off the rail by the same distance, one-fourth to one-half inch is fine. Then the second object ball is in the jaws of the opposite corner pocket.

Not much to say about the aim or stroke here. It just takes practice. That being said, experiment with how you hold your cue to find what's most comfortable for you. I use my regular (19 oz.) shooting cue and prefer the overhand grip near the balance point. Some people like shorter and lighter cues they can use a dart grip with. For the short rail, just dropping the cue is enough to get this shot to work. If you go up the long rail, it might take a bit more, depending on the cloth.

Video: One Handed Rocket Masse

Video: One Handed Rocket Masse

Tim's Tidbit

Mike Massey played this on ESPN Trick Shot Magic 2005.