About The Shot

This is a simple draw shot. Shoot the cue ball, pocket the 5 ball, and draw back, hitting the rack and pocketing the 1 ball. Ho-hum stuff, until you try to do it one-handed.

Discipline: Special Arts, Draw

Difficulty: Advanced

One Handed Draw

Make This Shot

The setup is pretty simple with the cue ball on the center spot, the 5 ball one diamond away, and the 1 ball hanging in the side pocket with the rack frozen to it. You could start with the cue ball and 5 ball closer together until you start getting the stroke down.

I like to use my masse cue for this shot, just so I can stand a little closer to the cue ball. I grip the cue around the balance point and use a dart style stroke. I crouch down a little, but this is a personal preference. Some players completely kneel on the floor while others stand straight up and shoot down on the cue ball. As far as your stroke, a light jab to juice it up should work fine. I focus on a quick wrist flick. If you find yourself consistently hitting too low/high or off to the side, adjust your initial aim.

Video: One Handed Draw

Video: One Handed Draw

Tim's Tidbit

This shot has been around for a while, but I broke it out in a few Ultimate Trick Shot Tour tournaments to great effect.