About The Shot

he 1 ball is shot down the table taking out the coin wrapper on its way to the corner pocket and dropping the 5 ball straight down. The cue ball squirts out around the giant 8 ball and curves back down the table to make the 5.

Discipline: Stroke

Difficulty: Advanced

Nichol\'s Fouette

Make This Shot

Here's most of the setup (Figure 1). The cue ball and 1 ball are about 1 ball width away from the cushion. It's probably better if the 1 ball is 1 ball width off the rail. And they should be no more than 1 chalk width apart. The 12 ball in the picture is the blocking ball, 3 ball widths off the cushion at 1-1/2 diamonds.

The cue ball and 1 ball are aligned to the long rail point of the corner pocket (Figure 2). So they aren't both 1 ball width off the rail, the 1 ball is actually a little bit closer.

The 5 ball is on a coin wrapper, centered about a 1/2 ball width off the point of the long rail (Figure 3). Just make sure it has enough room to drop and not catch the top of the rail.

I aim about 3/4 on the front face of the 1 ball, hitting max 1:30 o'clock on the cue ball. I use lots of elevation too. Normally I start in my regular, level cue stance, find my aim point, elevate first without taking a step, and then take one step in. Spin the cue ball really good to get the full curve effect.

Video: Nichol's Fouette

Video: Nichol's Fouette

Nichol's Fouette

Figure 1

Nichol's Fouette

Figure 2

Nichol's Fouette

Figure 3

Tim's Tidbit

Mike Massey says this shot was shown to him by Edgar Nichols. Check out how much spin is on the cue ball at the end!