About The Shot

The cue ball pockets a hanging ball in the side pocket, then zigzags across the pool table, spins off the second rail, hits the cue butt pocketing another ball, then rolls across the table for the final ball in the corner pocket.

Discipline: Bank & Kick, Stroke

Difficulty: Advanced

Shot Compilations

Mike Massey

Massey\'s Zigzag

Make This Shot

I use a striped pool ball for the first object ball by the side pocket. I align it so the edge of the stripe is even with the rail and freeze it to the point (Figure 1).

I freeze the cue ball to the rail at the 3rd diamond, although in competition we push it back to the 2nd diamond. I aim for the edge of the object ball with just a touch of draw (1/4 tip is enough) and a ton of left english. You need to juice it up with lots of spin as well as speed.

The cheap way to hit this shot is to go rail first. For that, I put the cue ball 3 ball widths out from the rail behind the headstring. I keep the same object ball position. I aim for the edge of the object ball that's in the pocket and adjust from there. If you find the right spot, a hard, center ball hit will do the trick.

Video: Massey's Zigzag

Video: Massey's Zigzag

Massey's Zigzag

Figure 1

Tim's Tidbit

Mike Massey invented this shot for the ESPN trick shot competitions!