About The Shot

The objective is to hit the cue ball into the stacked pool balls making both of them in the corner pocket, then draw all the way up table to make the hanger. This will certainly test how straight you're stroking.

Discipline: Draw

Difficulty: Intermediate

Shot Compilations

UTS Pros

MacPhail\'s Stack Draw

Make This Shot

Conceptually, this is a simple shot. Set the stacking ball up at the first diamond, just a little bit off the rail and place another pool ball on top of it. Don't forget the hanger. The cue ball I like to put two ball widths from the stack, but you can vary this position depending on your stroke.

You'll need a little bit of elevation on this shot. Pick an aim point so you can get consistent with it. I like to aim half way between the cue ball and stacking ball. Aim straight into the stack with a little bit of draw. You won't need much because the top ball will fall on top of the cue ball and push it back too. If it's too hard going up the long rail, you can try this along one of the short rails first.

Video: MacPhail's Stack Draw

Video: MacPhail's Stack Draw

Tim's Tidbit

This is a cool shot invented by Matt 'No Fail' MacPhail.