About The Shot

Two balls split in the corner pockets near where I shoot from. The cue ball goes down and splits the other combination into the corner pockets while the final two balls slowly trickle down, following them in.

Discipline: Trick & Fancy

Difficulty: Beginner

Shot Compilations

Yoshikazu Kimura

Kyoto Freeway

Make This Shot

To start with the setup, I place the cue ball one balls width away from the cushion in the center of the table (Figure 1). The next two pictures will walk you through the details of the rest of the cluster. The two ball kiss/combo is set up so the ball you hit is on the long centerline of the table, one balls width back from the spot (towards the side pocket). The other ball is frozen to it pointed to the right half of the corner pocket.

I freeze two balls to the cue ball, each aligned at about 1-1/4 diamond up from the corner pockets. In this picture, I have placed chalk cubes on the diamonds to give you a better reference (Figure 2).

The following two balls in the cluster are placed with a small gap as you can see in the first picture. Figure 3 shows that I align them with the short rail point of the corner pocket, indicated by the chalk cube in the distance. This will, as usual, depend on your equipment. You may have to move it further on to the short rail if these balls end up hitting the long rail first.

As for stroking this shot, just hit straight through the cue ball and make it go straight down the table. If you get unlucky, the cue ball may carom off the two ball kiss/combo and get in the way of the other balls travelling down table.

Video: Kyoto Freeway

Video: Kyoto Freeway

Kyoto Freeway

Figure 1

Kyoto Freeway

Figure 2

Kyoto Freeway

Figure 3

Tim's Tidbit

This shot was invented by Yoshikazu Kimura. Paul Gerni named this shot Kyoto Freeway on Trick Shot Magic because you have lots of different balls travelling in different directions at different speeds. Watch out for traffic jams!