About The Shot

The cue ball splits the combo, one of the balls sinks directly in the side. The other one combos the third object ball in the corner and stops before reaching the pocket itself waiting for the cue ball to kick it in after having gone three rails.

Discipline: Trick & Fancy

Difficulty: Intermediate

Shot Compilations

Yoshikazu Kimura

Kimura\'s Timing Shot

Make This Shot

Line the combination up parallel to the rail, about a half inch off. The red ball in the diagram is on the centerline of the table. The third object ball is frozen to the rail, or maybe just a little bit off, depending on how the table rolls, at the first diamond. The cue ball is at the center of the table.

I aim for a half ball hit on the red ball with lots of left english. You don't need to actually hit it hard like I do on the video. It becomes even more impressive if you cut in the last ball rather than have it sit up in the pocket. Play with speed though, to see where it ends up.

Video: Kimura's Timing Shot

Video: Kimura's Timing Shot

Tim's Tidbit

Here's a timing shot that I again first saw in Yoshikazu Kimura's Mind Blowing Trick Shots video.