About The Shot

There's a five ball cluster by the side pocket. The cue ball spreads them out, two balls in the side pocket, one up table in the corner pocket, and two across to the other corner pocket. The cue ball then draws back for the hanging ball.

Discipline: Trick & Fancy

Difficulty: Beginner

Shot Compilations

Yoshikazu Kimura

Kimura\'s Kluster

Make This Shot

Here's the setup from the top. Start with the 6 ball so its leading edge is about even with the point of the side pocket. The 4 ball is straight out from it. The 2 ball is frozen to the 4 ball, straight back from it. (Figure 1)

Freeze the 5 ball to the 4 ball so their line of centers is aimed at the long rail point of the corner pocket. You may need to adjust this slightly depending on the amount of throw you get. (Figure 2)

Freeze the 3 ball to the 2 ball so their tangent line hits about a ball width up the long rail. Again, this may need slight adjustments depending on how much throw you get on the 3 ball. (Figure 3)

I like to put the cue ball behind the 3rd diamond line, in line with the 3 ball and the corner pocket I'm shooting over (where the 1 ball is hanging). You don't need a lot of draw and you don't need to hit it too hard. The amount of draw and speed though will affect the throw particularly on the 3 ball, so it's best if you can keep it consistent.

Video: Kimura's Kluster

Video: Kimura's Kluster

Kimura's Kluster

Figure 1

Kimura's Kluster

Figure 2

Kimura's Kluster

Figure 3

Tim's Tidbit

This is a fantastic artistic shot invented by Yoshikazu Kimura and was put on full display by Stefano Pelinga in ESPN Trick Shot Magic.