About The Shot

The balls are set up as in the Just Showing Off with the addition of a bridge lying across the table. The five object balls find their way to their usual pockets while the cue ball jumps over the bridge before going around the table.

Discipline: Special Arts

Difficulty: Advanced

Shot Compilations

Tim Chin Originals

Just Showing Off Extreme

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The basic setup is the same as the Just Showing Off shot with a couple of adjustments. Here, I've moved the 1 and 7 balls back a bit, one balls width away from the point of the side pocket. Also, I've moved the 4 and 2 balls back to the middle of the pocket. You might have to play around with 5 ball to see how much it throws. You can also see the angle I make with the bridge across the table. (Figure 1)

I place the cue ball one balls width out from the rail, one diamond away from the side pocket. I aim for about half or just less than half of the 7 ball, practically at 9 o'clock and 20-25 degrees of elevation (it doesn't take a whole lot). Hit it firm so you can jump over the bridge, but not so hard that the cue ball flies off the table. I think it's easier to adjust your spin if the cue ball runs long or short. (Figure 2)

Video: Just Showing Off Extreme

Video: Just Showing Off Extreme

Just Showing Off Extreme

Figure 1

Just Showing Off Extreme

Figure 2

Tim's Tidbit

This shot combines Just Showing Off and Over, Around, and Under. Lots of action in this shot.