About The Shot

This is an adaptation from the Yo Yo Masse, just adding the jump part. The cue ball jumps out of the rack, slides down the table, and then spins backward to pocket the hanging ball in the side pocket.

Discipline: Masse

Difficulty: Advanced

Jump Yo Yo Masse

Make This Shot

I put the cue ball on the second diamond line and put the rack around it so the cue ball is in the center of it. The object ball is frozen to the far point of the side pocket, hanging as deep as it can.

I aim straight up the table hitting at about 6:30 -- just a little left english to bring the cue ball back towards the side pocket. I air bridge it, but it's probably easier to support your bridge hand on your leg if you can get it on the table. Hit it with a typical jump-masse stroke -- hard and near the edge of the cue ball.

Video: Jump Yo Yo Masse

Video: Jump Yo Yo Masse

Tim's Tidbit

It's not as difficult as it looks since you have to hit any jump-masse pretty hard to get it to spin back, but it's by no means easy!