About The Shot

The cue ball jumps out of the rack, swoops around at the far end of the table, goes two rails and comes back for the hanging ball. This shot is similar to the Jump Rainbow Masse, except it's aimed farther out.

Discipline: Masse

Difficulty: Advanced

Jump Two Rail Masse

Make This Shot

I put the rack so the corner is even with the pocket point. The cue ball is about a balls width from the base of the rack, near the center.

I aim towards the diagonal corner pocket, hitting the cue ball around 5 o'clock with a jump-masse stroke, so near the edge of the cue ball. Obviously you have to hit it hard to get the jump and the spin. If it comes short, it's probably easier to aim up the long rail. If you're going long, you either need more spin or aim up the short rail.

Video: Jump Two Rail Masse

Video: Jump Two Rail Masse

Tim's Tidbit

This is another classic jump-masse to work on.