About The Shot

On this shot, the cue ball jumps out of the rack and goes three rails to pocket the hanging ball. You'll notice the cue ball hits the first rail below the side pocket, which necessitates a masse to get it back on track.

Discipline: Masse

Difficulty: Advanced

Jump Three Rail Masse

Make This Shot

I place the rack against the long rail clear of the corner pocket. The cue ball is inside the rack, about a balls width from the back and in the center.

I aim about 2-1/2 diamonds up on the far long rail and hit the cue ball about 7:30 with 80-85 degrees elevation. Try to get as much left spin as you can while still getting the jump action. It looks more impressive if you can get the cue ball to hit closer to the corner pocket, but you may have to wax the cue ball to do it.

Video: Jump Three Rail Masse

Video: Jump Three Rail Masse

Tim's Tidbit

This is one of the classic jump-masse shots that have been bouncing around the internet.