About The Shot

The objective is to jump the cue ball over the two ball combination, kick of the end rail and come back to make the two ball combination split in their respective corners.

Discipline: Jump

Difficulty: Intermediate

Jump Kick Split

Make This Shot

Here's how to set up the combination (Figure 1). This is one the fundamental setups in trick shots. Here you see the two balls are aligned so that they are aimed in to the right half of the corner pocket. The one ball is a balls width behind the spot, which you can see by the rough and worn cloth just to its left.

Place the cue ball behind these balls along the centerline of the table wherever you're comfortable jumping from. If you like to use a rail bridge, you can move the cue ball closer to the rail. Just aim straight down the table and shoot with a smooth jump stroke. Don't overdo it; you'll be surprised how easy you can hit the cue ball and still jump the cluster. If you see yourself putting unintentional spin on the ball, you can adjust your aim to compensate or adjust your cue alignment (for example, if you're putting right english on the cue ball but you're aiming center ball, aim with a little left english to compensate).

Video: Jump Kick Split

Video: Jump Kick Split

Jump Kick Split

Figure 1

Tim's Tidbit

This shot will test the aim and straightness of your jump stroke!