About The Shot

I jump the cue ball out of the rack, it hits the short rail, and then curves around the blocking 8 ball and pockets the hanging 1 ball in the corner.

Discipline: Masse

Difficulty: Advanced

Jump Kick Masse Long

Make This Shot

I freeze the rack between the first and second diamonds on the long rail. The blocker ball is 3 diamonds from the foot rail, and then the hanging ball is in the corner pocket.

I usually aim at 1.5 diamonds from the far corner pocket. It's mostly finding the right angle on your cue so you get the right speed on the cue ball to get to the rail without bouncing off too hard. Straight draw works fine.

Video: Jump Kick Masse Long

Video: Jump Kick Masse Long

Tim's Tidbit

This is a slightly harder version of the Jump Kick Masse shot.