About The Shot

Two balls each go into the near corner pockets while the 1 ball banks straight up the table. I love the way this shot looks!

Discipline: Trick & Fancy

Difficulty: Beginner

Shot Compilations

Willie Jopling

Jopling\'s 3 Plus 2

Make This Shot

Here's the setup of the shot, complete with ghost balls (Figure 1). Start with the 1 and 2 balls, each one ball width off the rail with the 2 ball even with the first diamond. The 3 ball is one ball width back from the 1 ball and about 1/4 ball to the left. The 4 ball is frozen to the 3 ball aimed directly into the corner pocket.

The 3-5 combo line is aimed at the long rail point of the far corner pocket to allow for throw (Figure 2).

I put the cue ball along the long centerline of the table, 2.5 diamonds from the short rail. I aim at the right edge of the 3 ball and hit it firm with center ball. If the 1 ball doesn't hit the long rail, move the 3 ball further left in the setup in ~1/8 ball increments. It doesn't take much. If the 2 doesn't get to the pocket, hit it harder.

Video: Jopling's 3 Plus 2

Video: Jopling's 3 Plus 2

Jopling's 3 Plus 2

Figure 1

Jopling's 3 Plus 2

Figure 2

Tim's Tidbit

This is a simple extension of Jopling's 3 ball shot invented by Bill "Willie Jopling" Marshall.