About The Shot

Quite simple really, one ball into the near corner, another across the short side to the other corner, and the middle ball banks to the far corner up the long rail.

Discipline: Trick & Fancy

Difficulty: Beginner

Shot Compilations

Willie Jopling

Jopling\'s 3

Make This Shot

Here's an overhead of the setup (Figure 1). I start with the first ball one balls width from the short cushion with it's leading edge even with the point of the side pocket.

I freeze the second ball to it, aimed at the second diamond across the table, indicated by the piece of chalk (Figure 2).

Freeze the third ball with the second ball, aimed at the long rail point of the opposite corner pocket (Figure 3).

Place the cue ball on the long centerline, 1 1/2 diamonds out from the short cushion. Aim to hit just less than half of the middle ball with a center ball hit (Figure 4). Play with your aim and see how the long bank reacts.

Video: Jopling's 3

Video: Jopling's 3

Jopling's 3

Figure 1

Jopling's 3

Figure 2

Jopling's 3

Figure 3

Jopling's 3

Figure 4

Tim's Tidbit

This is another neat little shot from Willie Jopling!