About The Shot

This is a combination of two shots, Jimmy Reid's Sneaky shot where the ball frozen to the cue ball is forced through a blocker ball into the corner pocket, and a collision draw shot where the cue ball then draws back to make the hanger in the side.

Discipline: Draw, Stroke

Difficulty: Beginner

Jimmy Reid\'s Sneaky Shot Plus Draw

Make This Shot

I freeze the cue ball and first object ball one balls width away from the cushion, with the object ball 1 1/2 diamonds from the pocket. I place the blocking object ball at the first diamond, 1 1/2 balls width out from the cushion. Then place the hanger in the side so about half of it is past the point of the side pocket.

This isn't your typical draw shot, first of all, since the cue ball is frozen. I use a light hit, at 6 - 6:30 o'clock english and feel as if I'm pulling the cue back right after impact. A little elevation may make it easier for some people. You can work on each part of this shot separately, first only trying to pocket the frozen object ball, then second just working on the draw by itself.

Video: Jimmy Reid's Sneaky Shot Plus Draw

Video: Jimmy Reid's Sneaky Shot Plus Draw

Tim's Tidbit

This was one of the first shots Mike "Tennessee Tarzan" Massey pulled out during ESPN Trick Shot Magic 2000.