About The Shot

The cue ball is trapped between an object ball and the rail. Shooting in to the rail, the cue ball escapes out from behind the object ball going an additional four rails and pocketing the hanging ball in the corner pocket.

Discipline: Bank & Kick

Difficulty: Beginner

Inside Escape

Make This Shot

The setup is easy. Place the cue ball at the first diamond frozen to the cushion and an object ball directly in line with it and frozen to the cue ball. And of course place the hanging ball too.

Aiming is tricky because you don't have anything to aim at. On a 9 ft table like this, I lean over the edge and align the back end of my cue with something, generally between the opposite corner pocket or the first diamond on the long rail. On a shorter table, you can set the shot up on the other side and lean of the whole table. I like to shoot hard with maximum draw and a 1/2 tip of right english. Punch it quick because you don't want your cue stick following through and knocking the frozen object ball.

Video: Inside Escape

Video: Inside Escape

Tim's Tidbit

This shot is similar to the Five Rail Escape, except it's shot the other way!