About The Shot

In addition to the classic Hustler bank shot, where the object ball frozen between the cue ball and the rail banks cross corner, the cue ball also runs three cushions to make an extra ball.

Discipline: Bank & Kick

Difficulty: Intermediate

Shot Compilations

Yoshikazu Kimura

Hustler Bank Plus 3 Rails

Make This Shot

Freeze the cue ball and object ball perpendicular to the long rail around the 2nd diamond (Figure 1). Your exact position will be determined by how much spin you put on the cue ball and the throw between the balls. Don't forget about the hanging ball.

I like to start with the butt of my cue a half diamond from the corner pocket where the 1 ball will go, along the short rail. I use full left and a tip of follow to start with. The more left you put, the further the 1 ball will throw towards the corner. It'll also cause the cue ball to run shorter. The top will compensate, bringing the cue ball longer. It's really just mix and match from there. Adjust the position of the cue and 1 balls according to how much left english you can put on it.

Video: Hustler Bank Plus 3 Rails

Video: Hustler Bank Plus 3 Rails

Hustler Bank Plus 3 Rails

Figure 1

Tim's Tidbit

I first saw this shot on Yoshikazu Kimura's video.